Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fishing With What?

A guy at work said he was getting his bow out of his truck to go fishing, and I said "what?" (I know, not the most creative thing to say, but oh well), so he brought it out.

Apparently, most any existing bow can be converted to a fishing bow (if that's the proper terminology) by simply adding a fishing reel and connecting the line to the back of a special arrow with a flippable hook on the end (flippable, so you can turn it around and slide the fish off).

He said it was great fun, and proceeded to show me pictures of many fish he's caught that way. Of course, you can't throw a fish like that back, because they'll probably die, but he said the wardens are okay with people catching carp and some other fish that way, since they are "garbage fish".

I asked if you can eat them, and he said yes, but it's tough not to hit the "mud vein" while shooting or cleaning, which, if hit, spoils the taste of the fish. So what do you do with them? Well, the nearby farmers are okay with people throwing a few dead fish into their cornfields. It's good fertilizer.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, it's fall now, maybe you should update past fishing...