Friday, March 13, 2009


It's been raining a lot here lately. More than enough.

This is the scene I saw while delivering pizza one day. The mists coming off the water is what inspired me to take this shot.

Imagine you live in Winona Lake (I don't, but my sister and her family do), and one day you look out your window and this is what you see:

You get a closer look.
Yes, that's right. The entire street is flooded. Here's a shot from about halfway down the street.Is that a warning, or a posted landmark sign? "Winona Lake starts here. Yes, here in the middle of the street."

Here's another shot.

This is the bridge over the canal. Usually there is enough room for a speedboat to go under that bridge, with plenty of clearance.

This one is another angle of the canal. It shows how high the water has reached past its usual boundaries.
Some houses weren't just lake front property anymore, but became islands, completely surrounded by water.

A neighbor brought out his canoe to paddle in the street. Here, Deborah is taking it for a test drive. It's like Venice or something. My sister started singing in Italian: "Fettuccine, ravioli, linguine, spaghetti!"

At last, a post!

A few weeks ago (I know, I'm behind on posting. But here's one now) the transmission went out on my old Beretta (every gear was neutral) and I had to have it towed.
Aww, I've had this car for longer than I expected. Goodbye.

It would have cost a bundle to fix, so I was looking to buy a car for about the same price as it would cost to fix. Word got around quickly, and my sister's friend's husband's... no, it stops there. My sister's friend's husband (brother-in-law's son's mother's friend's daughter's father) was thinking about selling his car. To make a long story a bit shorter, I bought it, and here it is.

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. And it's all mine. Ignore the Coca-Cola sign, I have to give that back.
So now I can deliver pizzas again, and start making some money back. Now what to do with my old car...?