Friday, November 28, 2008

Cleaning Woes

I've been putting off cleaning my room for a while now, but I finally got around to it. The hard part is not finding a place for everything, but not getting sidetracked reading every scrap of paper or magazine and not playing with all the toys I haven't seen in ages.

I found some old Koosh Balls. I've had them since high school, so that makes them at least 10 years old, and most of that time they were in my pockets. They also made good pool toys, as they sunk slowly, so they've had their share of chlorine. Mostly, I used them for juggling whenever I felt like it.

About a year ago, I stopped carrying them. Somehow, they'd lost their "bounce" and the ends starting breaking off as the rubber got more brittle and somehow adhesive. I found them today about 18" from the heater vent. They were stuck to the notebook they were on, and when I finally got one loose, it started shredding in my hands. The rubber pieces just started breaking off, like people who suddenly go bald in movies pulling out chunks of hair. It was a sad moment when I realized they had to be thrown away.

Okay, enough distraction for now. Time to get back to work.


lightpaths said...

It's really hard to find the small koosh balls like that now. The small one's I've found float rather than sink.

Andy said...

A sad day indeed.